Our Process


Our jewelry pieces are manufactured by expert jewelers. We use high-quality precious metals, genuine gemstones and diamonds that are ethically and responsibly sourced.

  • We use solid 14k white gold and solid 14k yellow gold. Never gold plated.
  • Our diamonds are VS clarity, G to I color.
  • Our pearls are cultured or farmed in freshwater.



We have partnered with Jean Rousseau, one of Europe’s leading leather goods manufacturers, to produce all our Chalonne straps in France.  Each strap is meticulously crafted to guarantee exceptional quality. Jean Rousseau lends Chalonne 60 years of expertise with its artisanal heritage, working with some of the most prestigious luxury brands.


Leathers and Exotics

Our Napa leather is high-grade calf skin, comparable to the leather used by the finest luxury watchmakers in Europe. Although we select top quality hides, certain irregularities or natural marks may be present. Genuine leather will darken and develop a light sheen or patina with age.


We select the best quality alligator hides from Louisiana. Genuine alligator and stingray have a variety of natural patterns and scale, thus the strap you receive may vary from the photos as shown. Shearling is a natural material that may shed.


All Chalonne straps are lined with goatskin in the signature Chalonne purple.


As a company, we are concerned with environmental and animal protection issues. We work with our manufacturing partner to ensure that Chalonne straps comply with CITES and the U.S. Lacey Act which regulate the international trade of endangered wild flora and fauna species.



Our straps are compatible with Apple Watch®Series 1 – 5 and fit all watch sizes 38mm/40mm & 42mm/44mm.



Our buckles are Stainless Steel and laser engraved with the Chalonne logo. Gun and Rose Gold color buckles are stainless steel with ion plating (color coating).


Our stainless steel (silver color) adapters are “Made for Apple Watch” and have been sourced from Apple’s approved vendor. Since Apple’s vendor does not offer adapters in colors other than silver, our Gun and Rose Gold adapters have been sourced from a reputable vendor in China. The adapters from China are stainless steel with ion plating coating.


Color Matching: While we have strived to ensure that our hardware matches the Apple Watch colors, the Rose Gold and Gun colors are not exact. Please review the below images which display the color variation.


[Insert “color matching” close up images]



In order to deliver the highest quality possible, all our hides and straps are tested. The hides undergo rubbing tests under dry and damp conditions, in addition to UV, sweat and sticky tape tests to check the resistance of finishes to external factors, such as light or friction.  The straps are also tested for overall quality which includes a pulling test to check the solidity of the strap through traction and torsion.


Much of our collection is made by hand with natural materials and thus can differ from piece to piece.


Should you have any additional questions about our straps beyond the information provided on our site,we may be reached via email at info@chalonne.com and encourage you to contact us before you finalize your purchase.