We have partnered with one of Europe’s leading leather goods manufacturers to produce all of our Chalonne bands in France. Each band is meticulously crafted to guarantee exceptional quality. The craftsmen at Jean Rousseau provide Chalonne 65 years of expertise with their artisanal heritage, working with the world’s most prestigious luxury brands. All of Chalonne’s watch bands are made in Pelousey, a town imbued with a centuries-old history of watchmaking. Our products are driven by our quest for excellence in quality and visionary creative expression.


Our jewelry pieces are manufactured by expert craftsmen using high-quality, precious materials that are ethically, sustainably, and responsibly sourced.

14k Solid Gold

Our gold is sourced from licensed Fairtrade Gold suppliers which comes from artisanal and small-scale mining organizations who adhere to best-practices for workers' rights and environmental protection. We use solid 14k white gold and solid 14k yellow gold. We chose to use 14k gold exclusively, since it is more scratch resistant than 18k gold, making it perfect for everyday wear.


Our high-quality diamonds are VS clarity, G to I color and are responsibly sourced from suppliers who follow conflict-free and socially responsible practices. We use round, brilliant cut diamonds which produce maximum shine.


We use genuine, high-quality precious and semi-precious gemstones. Our pink sapphires are AAA quality with intense color and clarity with well-cut facets for maximum reflection and shine. Our iolite stones are well cut, perfectly round cabochons of AAA quality, in the best color available. Our white topaz is fine quality with brilliant cut facets which give the small stones maximum shine.

Freshwater Pearls

Freshwater Pearls

We carefully select our pearls for color and luminosity. All our AAA quality pearls are cultured or farmed in freshwater from oysters and freshwater mussels.

Leathers and Rare Hides

Our leathers and rare hides are carefully selected by our craftsmen in Pelousey. Our collection is hand-crafted by artisans using natural materials and thus can differ from piece to piece. Genuine Galuchat stingray and lizard have a variety of natural patterns and scale. High-grade leather will darken and develop a light sheen or patina with age. All Chalonne straps are lined with goatskin in signature Chalonne purple.

As a company, we care about environmental and animal protection issues. We work with our manufacturing partner to ensure that Chalonne straps comply with CITES and the U.S. Lacey Act, which regulate the international trade of flora and fauna species.


All of our straps taper to an 18mm stainless steel buckle. Space Gray, Rose Gold, Midnight and Starlight color hardware are stainless steel with ion plating (color coating). We stand behind the fit for all our adapters. We have strived to ensure that our hardware colors match the Apple Watch colors as closely as possible.


Our bands are compatible with all Apple Watch® Series 1 – 8 and fit all watch sizes 38mm/40mm/41mm and 42mm/44mm/45mm. Please note the varying band lengths and wrist sizes for each band which can be found on each individual product page.

Should you have any additional questions about our bands beyond the information provided on our site, we may be reached via email at We encourage you to contact us before you finalize your purchase.

Product Care

All of our Chalonne designs should be worn and handled with care, as you would with any piece of fine jewelry. Much of our collection is made with natural materials, which can differ from piece to piece. 14k gold is a soft metal, which will naturally scratch and show wear over time. Our bands are designed to mold to your wrist and thus will form creases at the buckle. Like any strap made from high-grade leather, our bands will darken, develop a patina and show wear over time with daily use. Switching out your bands regularly will help extend their lifespan.

Please follow these guidelines to avoid damaging your band:

  • Handle your band with clean, dry hands.
  • Avoid dropping or hitting your band against a hard surface as gemstones may crack, shatter or break.
  • Do not wear while bathing, showering, swimming, sunbathing or exercising.
  • Avoid exposing your band to:

    - water, excessive sunlight, humidity and perspiration

    - perfumes, alcohol, lotions, sunscreens, oils and any other beauty products

    - household chemicals and cleaning products

    - sharp objects and ink products


We stand by our products and offer a 1-year warranty where we’ll replace your band in case of a manufacturing defect. So if anything breaks during regular use within one year of purchase, we will replace it. Products damaged by misuse, negligence, improper care or repetitive abuse of our guarantee may limit coverage.