We partner with Jean Rousseau, one of Europe’s leading leather goods manufacturers, to create all our Chalonne bands by hand in France. Our skilled craftsmen work meticulously to guarantee exceptional quality and a personal touch for each exquisite leather band they create. It takes an expert team of artists to give a unique look and feel to each unforgettable band. Jean Rousseau lends Chalonne 65 years of expertise with their artisanal heritage, working with some of the world’s most prestigious luxury brands like Vacheron Constantin and Omega, among many others. All of Chalonne’s watch bands are made in Pelousey, a town imbued with a centuries-old history of watchmaking and zest for craftmanship. Our products are driven by our quest for excellence in quality and visionary creative expression. 

The result is an undeniably personal piece that offers its wearer a unique expression of style. Crossing worlds between fashion and technology, these exceptional watch bands are crafted with the most highly respected materials in the industry by the most creative hands, resulting in an unforgettable work of art. 

We pride ourselves on conscious consumption, meaning all our bands are hand-crafted in small batches, using the highest quality and ethically sourced materials available. We do our part as artists and craftsmen to reduce waste and use our resources wisely.