All of our Chalonne designs should be worn and handled with care, as you would with any piece of fine jewelry. Much of our collection is made with natural materials, which can differ from piece to piece. 14k gold is a soft metal, which will naturally scratch and show wear over time. Our bands are designed to mold to your wrist and thus will form creases at the buckle. Like any band made from high-grade leather, our bands will darken, develop a patina and show wear over time with daily use. Switching out your bands regularly will help extend their lifespan.

Please follow these guidelines to avoid damaging your band:

  • Handle your band with clean, dry hands.
  • Avoid dropping or hitting your band against a hard surface as gemstones may crack, shatter or break.
  • Do not wear while bathing, showering, swimming, sunbathing or exercising.
  • Avoid exposing your band to:

        - water, excessive sunlight, humidity and perspiration

        - perfumes, alcohol, lotions, sunscreens, oils and any other beauty products

        - household chemicals and cleaning products

        - sharp objects and ink products 


How to Clean:

Leather & Alligator
If your band requires cleaning, wipe with a slightly damp, soft, lint-free cloth. Ensure you dry it thoroughly using a dry, soft cloth and then leave it to dry completely, without exposing it to the sun or any other strong sources of heat. 


You may clean the jewelry on our bands with a soft cloth designed especially for use with jewelry.  Do not use jewelry cleaning products as they may damage the leather.


Do not attempt to clean any furs, such as shearling, yourself. Please bring your piece to a reputable vendor who specializes in fur care.