Leathers and Rare Hides

Slipping on a leather watchband should feel like a second skin. Our leathers and rare hides are carefully selected by our craftsmen in Pelousey, France so that only pieces of the utmost quality are brought to life. Our collection is hand-crafted by artisans using natural materials and will gently wear over time. The leathers provide an array of color choices to make each sleek and functional design feel personal.  

We offer a collection of bands made with rare hides, such as genuine Galuchat stingray, alligator and lizard, which have a variety of natural patterns and scales. And of course, all Chalonne bands are lined with soft goatskin, in signature Chalonne purple, which is super supple and comfortable. 

As a company, we care about environmental and animal protection issues. We work with our manufacturing partner to ensure that Chalonne bands comply with CITES and the U.S. Lacey Act, which regulate the international trade of flora and fauna species. 

We also believe in conscious consumption and that your watch band purchase is an investment. Our leather bands are crafted in small batches in order to reduce the waste of any valuable materials and conserve the resources of our planet.