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Can Apple Watches Be Fashionable?

Apple Watches are a breakthrough in sleek modern tech that can do much more than tell time. As they’ve grown in popularity, people have wondered if wearing one is a fashion statement or fashion faux pas, but luckily we’ve got those answers for you! 

 As the smartwatch craze has grown in the past decade and we've seen countless come and go but Apple remains the leader of the pack with the most watches out there. The Apple Watch’s subtle and polished look has won over anyone interested in repping a smartwatch. It can help you stay connected to all your favorite fitness and health apps as much as you want (or don’t want!), and it’s becoming more popular with the older population due to the introduction of all the amazing safety features. My Apple Watch will call 911 if I fall down and can’t get up. Can yours do that? 

Apple Watch Fashion

Although we love the versatility of Apple Watch, we’ve found that the bands don’t always live up to the amazing piece of tech that they secure. So that’s where we come in! Since its so easy to swap out your band, you can easily switch out that silicon band for a luxurious leather band from Chalonne. It’s another great way to personalize your style and complete a look- as seen below!

Fashion Apple Watches

Here at Chalonne, we have a luxury Apple Watch band for any and all occasions. Don’t just take it from us, hear what some of our loyal customers have to say:  

Jessica G. proved our point perfectly when she said, “I love my Chalonne apple watch band! I switched out my original band for my Chalonne band and love the effortless style upgrade! A must have for all Apple Watch users.”  

What’s the point of getting all dressed up if you’re not going to turn heads? Our customer, Leena G., understands this! “Chalonne's design and quality sure beats the standard Apple watch strap. No one has ever stopped me to comment on my Apple watch until I wore my GORGEOUS Waiheke strap to my husband's Christmas party. Worth every penny!” 

If you love your Apple Watch and love fashion, you’re in need a stunning Chalonne band! It will elevate your look to a level you didn’t know a smart watch could have! Check out all of the options available at  


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