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Wear the Future Partners with Chalonne

Chalonne, the leading maker of luxury and bespoke Apple Watch® bands, has announced their partnership with Wear the Future showroom based in Los Angeles, California, the first fashion media agency for sustainable designers.

Chalonne’s mission is to integrate the finest craftsmanship and highest quality materials with visionary design to make the everyday more extraordinary. The inspiration behind each band stems from art historical notions, travels with colorful experiences, and life in Bel Air.

Chalonne has partnered with one of Europe’s leading leather goods manufacturers to produce the bands in France. Each band is meticulously crafted to guarantee exceptional quality. The craftsmen at Jean Rousseau provide Chalonne 65 years of expertise with their artisanal heritage, working with the world’s most prestigious luxury brands.

"All of Chalonne’s watch bands are made in Pelousey, a town imbued with a centuries-old history of watchmaking. Our products are driven by our quest for excellence in quality and visionary creative expression." adds founder and CEO Carlye Morgan.

Wear the Future is the World’s first fashion media agency for sustainable designers. Where fashion creators are elevated, bringing them to the NYFW runway and to A-list Hollywood celebrities. Wear the Future looks for designers with a story, people who have a craft and skill set that can be seen within the fashion they design paired with a conscious impact on the Earth. To that end, Chalonne and Wear the Future make for an excellent partnership.

“We are so excited to bring Chalonne to the forefront of responsible high fashion standards and can’t wait to spread the word in Hollywood!” said Wear the Future.


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