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Tips For New Moms

It’s not talked about enough. From Postpartum depression and anxiety to sleeping 2 hours a night, being a new mom is tough! So it’s a good thing the new little one is so cute! We’ve come up with an important list of tips for new moms to help keep your head above water in those first few months. 

 Our first tip is to be active and get outside as much as possible! It’s a proven fact that getting outside, even just going for a quick walk, is a necessity for ideal mental health! So when you start to feel stressed, just throw on some clothes and walk out the door. The best part about a quick walk is the new little cutie can join as well! Whether you get in half a mile or 3, it’s so good for you! 

Self-care tips every new mom needs

The next important tip is to find clothes you feel good in! Major body changes come with being a new mom and it can be hard to find the right clothes to fit your everchanging body. A good place to start is finding activewear you love! The Juniper Sports Bra by Evergreen Activewear is the perfect addition to your closet. We love Evergreen Activewear for their sustainable clothes, made especially for busy pregnant and postpartum mamas, who deserve comfort, style and functionality. 

Evergreen Activewear
Next, we’ve found some essential new mom Apple Watch apps to help. The first is the Feed baby app. It tracks just about everything you’ll need including feedings, naps, and diaper changes. This app will make sure “mom brain” doesn’t get the best of you. The other app is Headspace to help get your daily meditation in! Meditation has so many amazing benefits including reducing stress, which can definitely help postpartum. 
Lastly, while you’re using these amazing apps, why not add a touch of luxury to your wrist? Just because you’re at home caring for a baby doesn’t mean you can’t accessorize! Chalonne has luxury Apple Watch bands that will help you feel put together all day long! If you feel good about yourself you are more likely to be productive and motivated, which doesn’t come easily those first couple weeks.  We’re thinking the Bedarra in Black will look perfectly sleek for those baby tickles, but there are many more styles you’ll love on the website too! 
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