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Tips to feel your best in the new year

We all have those (too) big New Year's resolutions that tend to fizzle out by the end of January. It’s discouraging when we fail and isn’t a great start to a fresh, new year. This year, we’re here to help you come up with simple goals that are actually achievable and will help you make big improvements in your day-to day life! 

Stay active 

Being physically active releases the hormone serotonin. Serotonin can impact you in many ways, but one of the most common is boosting your mood! Your Apple Watch can help you track your physical activity throughout the day and remind you to stand up if you’ve been sitting at your computer too long. Listen to your watch and get up! When your body is healthy and happy it’s a lot easier to get your mind right! 

Dress for success

Fashion goes deeper than showing your style off to the world. It’s personal and determines the way you carry yourself throughout the day. If you’re happy with how you look, you’re going to act like it! This could mean being more outgoing or even just carrying your head a little higher. There are many ways to dress for success and improve your appearance, but one of the easiest is adding some accessories. Splurge on a Chalonne luxury watch band, like the Orleans in Brown made from genuine alligator, and feel proud of the way you look whenever you step out of the house! 

Alligator Apple Watch Band

Keep a gratitude Journal 

When life gets difficult, it can be hard to keep your head up and focused on what really matters. Keeping a gratitude journal can help remind you of all the positive things in your life. We all have those days when everything seems to go wrong, but this year get yourself out of the funk sooner by having a spirit of gratitude with you. When we focus less on the bad things and more on the things that we’re grateful for, we’ll see a significant shift in day-to-day mood.

Take a break  

We’re human, we all need a break! This could mean different things for everybody, but it’s important to prioritize self-care and take the time to recharge. For some, this could mean planning a vacation to look forward to. For others, it may mean something as simple as taking a hot bath or practicing yoga! Either way, your happiness in life has a lot to do with practicing balance and giving yourself the grace you deserve. 

Happy New Year! We’re so excited about our goals this year and hope we motivated you to prioritize yourself- because you deserve it!  


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