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 Chalonne offers sophisticated watch bands that bring a touch of luxury to your wrist. They’re hand-crafted by artisans in France with the finest leathers, gemstones and solid gold. Many of our favorite influencer's rep Chalonne bands for their Apple Watches. Check out how they styled their bands! brought a touch of casual luxury by pairing The Palladio band, made of high-grade gray calfskin leather, with a gorgeous jean mini dress. She confirmed our thoughts that pairing a Chalonne band with any outfit can elevate your look to new heights.

@dinsworld2 made it look like our Bedarra luxury watch band was made just for her! Chalonne bands seem to have this effect on people. We love how she styled the Bedarra in Black made from genuine Galuchat stingray. Its smooth, sanded ‘pearls’ reflect the light, proving that a Chalonne band can be the cherry on top of any outfit- including a casual jean look!  

Fashionable Apple Watch

The Sedona band looks absolutely stunning on @brandidaniels! She crafted her outfit to match her Chalonne band, and it paid off! The Sedona band she’s wearing is made of Premium brown Nappa leather and embroidered with Chalonne’s signature stitching which complements her leopard print dress perfectly!  

@hollydays_chicago paired the Bedarra in white band with a vibrant purple sweater. We love this match as it highlights the natural textured Galuchat stingray scales that are coated with a matte white stain. It’s gorgeous on her! We loved watching her unboxing video that shows how easy it is to attach our bands to your watch.

We’re spotting so many influencers styling our luxury bands with elegance and ease. Be sure to choose your own luxury band at 



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