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Best Apple Watch Apps

We love the Apple Watch and just can’t live without it! There’s are endless array of apps that can help make your life better in so many ways. Since we’ve tried so many, we decided to share a curated list of the best Apple Watch apps.

Map My Run 

Are you a runner, a walker, or even just curious how long your commute from the parking lot to the office is? Map My Run has you covered. Take any path you’d like, and it will map your steps to get you an accurate estimate of travel distance! 

Map My Run


We all need to take a minute for ourselves each day. It’s easy to forget and let the stress of day-to-day life get the best of us. That’s why Headspace is a perfect reminder for you to take a quick, couple minutes to meditate and reset. Since it’s right there on your watch, you can do it at any time of the day! 

Headspace Mindful Meditation


Waking up, but still not feeling refreshed and renewed? Pillow is a smart sleep assistant for all of us who may not get that full 8 hours we need. It can analyze your sleep cycles and even has an alarm that will wake you up during your lightest sleep for an easier wake-up call. 



Shazam is a classic, but it’s a must-have. We’ve all been there- at a random coffee shop when an absolute gem comes on the speakers. Quickly open shazam and let it listen to secure your new favorite song! If you don’t have time to download it right then, it will even store your list of shazamed songs for later. 


City Mapper 

Make your life just that much easier and let City Mapper get you step-by-step instructions on what’s next for your commute. We all know how confusing it can be following directions by phone while running into everybody. Now just pull out your wrist and take a peek at what’s next! 


Whether you’re new to the Apple Watch world or an expert, don’t forget to take a look at Chalonne and pick out a Luxury Apple Watch band. When you have all of these amazing Apple Watch apps right on your wrist, you need to give it that luxury look it deserves!  


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